Welcome to the ‘Theory’ part of my blog! I’m thinking about introducing a line of blogs in which I explain critical and literary theory. I’ll try to keep it light, though. If there’s anything you have questions about and you’d like me to explain, do let me know!

Theory snippet: Translation

Why is it so hard to say what you mean? Why won’t others understand you, and vice versa? George Steiner suggests that by looking at communcation as an act of Translation, we can see more closely what happens. And what might go wrong.

Accessible Cultural Theory: I think it’s essential

Cultural theory, Critical Theory, Literary theory. All very complicated and interesting: many smart and famous sounding people devoted their life to developing and studying it, and how it can help us understand society, art, everything. But who helps you to understand the theory? What’s Annew!

Theory Snippet: Death of the Author

Death of the Author, what does that mean? In this first Theory Snippet I attempt to explain what Roland Barthes’ essay ‘The Death of the Author’ intended, and how it is relevant when trying to separate Art from the Artist.

On Rereading Books

Some people make it a tradition to reread certain books regularly, while others get rid of books as soon as they’ve finished them. Is rereading just a waste of time, or is there something that can be won by coming back to your favourite books throughout your life? Let’s see what a specialist on the…