The Confusing Magic of Edgy Reboots: Fate, The Winx saga

Ever since I watched Fate: The Winx Saga, it has been bothering me. I can’t let it go! Let’s talk about this quite good show with an unnecessary past, and see if I can get it out of my system.

On Rereading Books

Some people make it a tradition to reread certain books regularly, while others get rid of books as soon as they’ve finished them. Is rereading just a waste of time, or is there something that can be won by coming back to your favourite books throughout your life? Let’s see what a specialist on the subject has to say! (What- no, it’s not me! I discuss what the specialist says…)

Tracing Adaptation: The Witcher ‘n such

Every medium is good at different things. While not every adaptation is always liked by everybody, they can also offer a great introduction into new things, stories and ideas. As I was reading the book the Netflix adaptated for its series of The Witcher, I realized how much we underrate the practice of tracing adaptation.