Tracing Adaptation: The Witcher ‘n such

Every medium is good at different things. While not every adaptation is always liked by everybody, they can also offer a great introduction into new things, stories and ideas. As I was reading the book the Netflix adaptated for its series of The Witcher, I realized how much we underrate the practice of tracing adaptation.

Goodreadings: The Girl who Drank the moon

Sometimes, it’s nice not to complicate things so much. Not all things you do have to be momentous, and not everything you read has to be heavy, dense and philosophical. You’d be surprised sometimes, how much wisdom you find where you don’t expect it.

Welcome to 2021!

It has happened! 2020 is over! While the world won’t have changed over night, it’s always good to reflect and consider what changes and resolutions would make the new year a little better.

Stardew Valley is a Feeling

No matter what goes on in the outside world, it’s important to remember what makes us happy! We can find that kind of solace and escapism in books, but in videogames, too. I’ll share my favorite with you today: Stardew Valley.

Goodreadings: If on a Winter’s Night a Traveler

Time for another Goodreading! If on a winter’s night a traveller by Italo Calvino is definitely one of the strangest books I’ve read. It’s also been one of the least predictable books I’ve read, and in enjoyed it thoroughly. Being made aware of your own act of reading is always a bit awkward, but the subject of reading is one that really should be discussed more in literature. As contradictory as that might sound.

Goodreadings: The Book of Tea

I love tea, I love reading. A no brainer then, to pick up this little book, The Book of Tea by Kakuzo Okakura. Little did I know that along with discussing tea, it’d discuss culture, life, beauty and everything in between.