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Accessible Cultural Theory: I think it’s essential

Cultural theory, Critical Theory, Literary theory. All very complicated and interesting: many smart and famous sounding people devoted their life to developing and studying it, and how it can help us understand society, art, everything. But who helps you to understand the theory? What’s Annew!

Welcome to 2021!

It has happened! 2020 is over! While the world won’t have changed over night, it’s always good to reflect and consider what changes and resolutions would make the new year a little better.

News: I need to do stuff, you guys.

Guys, we need to talk. Okay, to be honest, I need to talk.Wait, no. To be honest, I need to blog. I’ve realized that I haven’t done much bloggin’ on this blog as of late. Which is a bit silly and a bit sad, since I’ve not really done much bloggin’ ever! And I’d like…