Tracing Adaptation: The Witcher ‘n such

Every medium is good at different things. While not every adaptation is always liked by everybody, they can also offer a great introduction into new things, stories and ideas. As I was reading the book the Netflix adaptated for its series of The Witcher, I realized how much we underrate the practice of tracing adaptation.

Stardew Valley is a Feeling

No matter what goes on in the outside world, it’s important to remember what makes us happy! We can find that kind of solace and escapism in books, but in videogames, too. I’ll share my favorite with you today: Stardew Valley.

Dust on my Bookpile

A thin layer of light grey dust had appeared next to my bed, atop of that which is so precious to me. How could I have let this happen? How did these trecherous specks of dust manage to flock together atop that stack of my beloved books? What have I been doing the last few weeks?!

Gamers have become Old

We might not realize it, but the fact that gamers now exist across all ages is a huge deal! Let’s take a minute and realize how far videogames have come as a medium, and what this maturity could mean for us, for entertainment, and for art.