Welcome to 2021!

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Hey there!

It’s sure been a while, hasn’t it? Happy 2021!

Let’s not dive too deep into how easy it is to let life get in the way of blogging. I’m sure it’s practically the same situation with any other habits and resolutions. But here we are, at the start of 2021.

Congrats! We’ve made it!

Gosh, living during a pandemic can sure be tiring. And here’s what I think is really unfair: having to stay indoors during lockdown does not guarantee any kind of productivity. It surely didn’t in my case.

Let’s not dawdle on the past! Surely we’ve experienced a significant bit of history last year, but that doesn’t have to intimidate us from moving forward. So welcome to my kind-of-Resolution-blog!

Vague resolutions are my way to go

Usually, my only New Years’ resolution is to not really participate in New Year’s resolutions, since they rarely survive halfway into February. Just resign to do more of the stuff you like, do less of the stuff you don’t like, ‘keep calm and carry on’.

This way of ‘pledging’ resolutions is really safe, though you could call it cowardly as well. Setting vague goals makes it easier to not-fail them, since there’s so much wiggle-room. it’s not as scary, and there’s less pressure, too. It also generally does not lead to what some would call ‘greatness’.

I don’t like to tie myself down to concrete plans, since life often gets in the way of them. I also get very easily distracted by different projects, and the joy of making progress on unexpected projects can be dampened when other goals suffered in the meantime.

Some might call me a bad planner. Those people might be right. But I like to leave space for the unexpected. I like to think that I plan for the unplanned.

Still. There’s a lot to say for actually setting concrete goals. You know what. This year, I’ll commit. I’ll try to set some concrete goals and stick to them. Maybe my conscience (or my guilt) will motivate me to write more if I’ve promised it here.

Concrete Resolutions

I’m honestly quite pleased with the amount of blogs I posted last year. It was more than the year before; that was the only vague goal I had set myself. I hope to post significantly more this year, too! I still have some thoughts on books I’d like to share, some game stuff as well, and I’m thinking about writing a series of blogs on literary and cultural theory. Some more depth would be a fun challenge for me to package into readable blog-sized chunks, and I’d like to think people might benefit from those.

I also intend to write less long sentences. Now that’s ambitious, at least for me.

So, concrete plans. I didn’t complete my Goodreads Challenge of 2020, though I discussed the unlikeliness of that happening already around October. I’ve decided to lower my goal to 20 books this year, just to make it a bit more achievable. I’d rather surpass the goal this year than try and rush to read more than I can take; it’s supposed to be an enjoyable experience, darnit.

Along with that I intend to get more content out soon. I’m still wary to set numbers, since I don’t want to disappoint. I’d like to post some concrete content every two weeks at a minimum, with shorter updates and thoughts on stuff beyond that. I’m going to have to see if I’ll be able to do weekly updates of some kind, it’d be swell if I could manage that!

Honestly, I’m still very much experimenting with everything I write. So things might change, I hope for the better, who knows!

Keep your eyes peeled for new stuff, check out the old, leave a message if you have opinions!

See you soon!