News: I need to do stuff, you guys.

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Guys, we need to talk.
Okay, to be honest, I need to talk.
Wait, no. To be honest, I need to blog.

I’ve realized that I haven’t done much bloggin’ on this blog as of late. Which is a bit silly and a bit sad, since I’ve not really done much bloggin’ ever!
And I’d like to do some more bloggin’.
But I’m not.
And that needs to change.

So in order to make sure it actually changes, and since this might be interesting for you guys to follow, here are some issues I’ve had which have been restricting my bloggin’ energy:

  • Missed my first deadline. This made it easier to also not make my second deadline, which had turned into my first deadline, after which I realized: ‘I have no boss who’s gonna set me a deadline, only myself! Hurrah!’ Then I went out to go and feed some ducks.
    This lead to not much bloggin’. And some fat ducks.
  • Wrote and published one very very very long blog, and mulled about that: ‘Maybe I need to do reviews and analysis separately? Blogs need to be short, right? Or, I could decide that I’m one of those people who doesn’t care about short blogs.’
    Then didn’t write either long or short blogs.
  • Thought too much about ways in which I could categorize my yet non-existent blogs.
  • Felt awkward about the thought of having many categories, but only one blog in each category, then didn’t add any categories or blogs.
  • Started writing long discussions about a multitude of subjects, but not finishing any because ‘the first blogs define what kind of blog this blog will be’ and then did not publish or finish any of them.
  • Deciding that my two jobs which I love make me too tired to write blogs when I’m home. But not too tired to crochet blankets, or start entirely new D&D campaigns in a homebrew world even though it’s my first time DM-ing.
  • listing excuses for why I’m not bloggin’ instead of doing some actual bloggin’.

So! Conclusion of this meandering list: I intend to do less meandering, more bloggin’. I hope I’ll be able to achieve this by:

  • Being less of a crybaby and actually writing blogs
  • No but seriously, write shorter but more coherent blogs, to ensure a somewhat-regular output
  • Save up the longer discussions of books ‘n stuff and write them less frequently, in order to both safeguard some of the quality and be able to discuss more different things
  • Making less lists and more blogs. Ooh, maybe I could blog lists someday? Imagine that.

The article on Washington Black which I published recently is a small example of how I hope to do more in the future. Reviews will consist of my personal experience, some discussion of elements which popped for me. I will not rate any of the books I review, since I don’t believe in turning language into numbers, especially if there’s only five or ten to choose from.
Then there’ll be more in-depth blogs where I use theory ‘n stuff to get deeper into some of the texts I’ve read. I might even rewrite some of my essays to spice things up, if there’s an interest for that kind of thing.
Along with the bookblogs, I wanna get started with some different stuff as well. You’ll see when that gets somewhere. Since it’ll be on this blog.

So yeah, this has kind of been a pseudo-blog, since it’s all about the lack of blogs on my blog, but still, I thought, I should kind of publish something like this just to show what’s up.
Or, eheheh, whatsannew.