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Welcome to this blog. My blog! I call myself Annew, which is a nickname a friend used for me once. I didn’t like it at all, and therefore (?) I started using it for myself anyway. So, the name is Annew, and so is the blog’s name. What’s Annew, which you may interpret in any way you like. Some friends instantly heard a certain red-hatted plumber say “What’s -a-New?!”, whereas others recognized the notion of starting Anew, which I think is also a nice sentiment. However, its true meaning might never ever come to light. Who knows?

Anyhow, to briefly introduce myself: I currently identify as a relatively young adult who is still getting the hang of ‘adulting’. Swinging back and forth between reading loads of dusty books, crocheting coasters and drinking loads of tea one day, and battling the temptation to eat crayons and point at horses the other, I have come to believe that age is no longer an adequate measurement to describe one’s nature or character. And, as a true holder of a Master degree in humanities (more precisely, European literary studies), I am here to point out, discuss and consider such issues, not practically solve them for the benefit of the world. However, if we’re in luck, I just might come up with some interesting theoretical suggestions on the subject, which might lead to thought-experiments of a semi-practical nature.

In addition to my staggering talent for drifting off topic and writing too long sentences, I have too many things which I like to do in my spare time, which might describe my character somewhat better than my Sun-Loops. They vary from singing and performing in a 80’s rock coverband and practicing Indonesian Pençak Silat to playing videogames badly, baking brownies, going to fantasy fairs and playing Dungeons and Dragons. Most of these interests will probably feature now and again in this blog, though it is not its ‘primary function’ to describe just my everyday shenanigans.

But what, Annew, will be the so-called ‘primary function’ if this blog, since you just implied that there is one at all? Honestly, one of my main reasons for starting this blog is for me to have an excuse, reason and motivation to keep writing about things I no longer have to write essays about, now that I’ve recently finished my Master’s degree. This way I hope to keep my pen somewhat ‘sharp’, since I actually really liked writing the theoretical stuff. So this is actually quite a selfish endeavour. However, I intend to keep this blog a bit lighter than what I used to write at university, in order to make my ideas a bit more accessible: more fun to read and to write. Additionally, probably not everything on here will be tough, complicated stuff; there’ll also probably be a lot of discussion of books I recently read (which range from heavily literary works to quirky fantasy/YA books), opinions I recently developed and idea’s which suddenly woke me from my peaceful slumber.

So yeah, welcome reader! I’m really curious as to where this will lead, though there’s only one way to truly find out, and that’s by boldly going where probably many other bloggers have already gone before! As I’m still figuring out how all these buttons and website-y things really work, I intend to improve the site as I go on and post more stuff. If my poor pc-skills are uncharacteristically correct, there is space below where one could comment if one so desired, so feel free to do so!




  1. Hi Annew! Great introduction 🙂 May I suggest an idea? I know that you also love cooking, and especially baking. It might be fun to add recipes to your blogs, or even make a special section for it!

    Can’t wait to read your posts and especially your book reviews. Maybe I will have the honour to be your guest writer one day 😉

    Good luck 🍀 & lots of love,

    Your gal Belinda


    1. Hey Belinda! Thanks so much for *THE FIRST COMMENT EVER*!

      As for my incredible baking skills, I so far haven’t really considered blogging a lot about it, since most of the recipes I used I either found in a cookbook or online; in both cases I’m uncertain how sharing these recipes online relates to copyright infringement. However, I am considering creating a ‘news’ page on which I share stuff that just happens in my personal life and might be funny/insightful to share: maybe that’s where the baking might find a home, at least for now.

      Will also definitely keep you in mind if ever I need a guest writer, though first, I feel like I should be doing some more writing myself first..



  2. Hi Annew, I’m looking forward to your book reviews! But that’s because I didn’t know about your baking skills, keep up the writing! I love your verbal qualities, online as well as at work, love ya
    ( I’ll keep following you baby)


    1. Lon!
      You found me!
      Thanks so much for leaving a comment! I’m working on some reviews and other bits on several books right now, and hope to post some soon!
      Can’t wait to see what you think, maybe I’ll someday even discuss a book that’s up your alley… Do any awesome thrillers come to mind?



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